.x.lenore.x. (_brokendoll_) wrote in iconsforpeace,

grief icons

Here are about 5 new anti-war icons. There's a couple with 9/11 images on them, so just be forwarned.

Take what you want, but please credit me and let me know what you're taking.





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#5 and #4, thank you.

PS - what font did you use?
It's called Sevenet 7, and if you do a search for it on Yahoo, you should be able to find it really easily. Let me know if you can't and I'll send it to you. :D
I took #1...:)
Alrighty! Thanks for lettin' me know. :D
I took one and five
powerful statement.
Thanks. I saw it on some guy's t-shirt. :) I wish I could say it was mine, though.
I took # 5...thanks.
I really like those. :) I wish I could make cool icons.
Well, at first all the icons I made sucked. This is after two years of making them. :D Get started doing it, it's really fun (and sort of addictive), and you'll learn tricks as you go along.
Taking #4.